Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Harvest moon looks in my window
Where I lay upon my bed
In a pool of light she finds me
Asking, “Are you sleeping yet?”
But in my eyes the midnight music
Props the shutters open wide
So I tend the seeds of sleep
And wait for harvest time

I came home in early autumn
Some would call it late July
Just in time to watch the harvest moon
Sweeping through the early autumn sky
Now the garden’s come to market
Fruits and flowers on the trees
But the garden of my heart
Is waiting for the seed

It would suit me being backwards
Leaving in the end of spring
I could watch the garden sprinklers
Washing over everything
For they must tend the tiny seeds and
Maybe if I’ve tended mine
Then this moon will shine in June
On my heart’s harvest time

For everything there is a season
Every purpose has its time
But I have had enough of turning
This is my harvest time