Joseph's Song

Joseph's Song

I think this may be the oldest of my songs that I still play for people occasionally. It was written for the friends in Joseph, Oregon, whom I met when just embarking on a new phase of my independence at either 14 or 15 years of age.

DWe drove Ain that Gafternoon
It was a Dwhole new Aplace to Gbe
Our eyes filled with wonder
At all the new faces to see

A couple of introductions
And already you’ve made a friend
The first moments may pass you by
But the memories never end

ADon’t say goodGbye, as I’m Djust Apassing Gthrough
AJust remember Gthis, that no Dmatter Awhat you Gdo
AThere’s a piece of my Gheart with you

It just takes a minute or two
To see the power of unity
In just a couple of days
We are all one family

The experiences I’ve had
Will last a lifetime long
The memories string together
Like the notes in a nightengale’s song

Don’t say goodbye…

Now we’re travelling down that road
Both with new days to look forward to
Life’s a give and take this way
A little bit of me for a little of you

Don’t say goodbye…