Lord Take This Soul

Lord Take This Soul

Last night I lay down weeping
Inside my blanket shell
I cried instead of sleeping
Trapped in my private hell

'Cause I don’t want to hear the voice of hunger
I don’t want to see the face of pain
I don’t want to lie awake here longer
Lord take this soul away

Bound in the chains of darkness
My mind is torn in two
Sometimes I feel so helpless
I guess that’s halfway true
Why do I get this calling
Why does my mind grow weak
My free will is not all I
Had it cracked up to be

Take one step, step closer
Into eternity
Sometimes that step seems farther
Than I think it should be

'Cause I don’t want to hear the voice of hunger…

My last breath rolls like thunder
Then silence falls like rain
My heart goes six feet under
My soul is free again