Melody of Night

Melody of Night

ADewdrops glisten Asus2under city lights
AFrom the darkness Asus2echo songs of night

BmWhisper meElody, Abring your soF♯mng to me
BmWhisper meElody, Abring your quiF♯met peace
BmWhisper meElody of Anight

Cold wind wanders over countryside
Breath of crystal slowly takes its flight

Whisper melody…

“How can I choose to sleep, O God, my God, when the eyes of them that long for Thee are wakeful because of their separation from Thee; and how can I lie down to rest whilst the souls of Thy lovers are sore vexed in their remoteness from Thy presence?..
By Thy might! I ask not, whether sleeping or waking, but that which Thou dost desire.”

Lay my head back under cloudy skies
Let the street lights slowly close my eyes

Whisper melody…