Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Used to sit on that hilltop
Look out over the bay
From so high up it all looks so small
Like the pool in the schoolyard where I used to play

But there are rockets in Haifa
There are troops in the north
All the tattletale newsies
Just want me to choose between sides
When I buy their reports

But I can see both the sides
Where the hatred drew lines
From the words that we learned
In our nursery rhymes

So take a look at the playground
How the blood stains the sand
We’re all grown girls and boys
Fighting over our toys
And the words that we can’t understand

Oh say can you see by this light
What we’ve got from this perilous fight
All the rockets’ dread drones
The bombs bursting in homes
And the flags laid to cover the bones

But it’s time to move on
Leave our childhood behind
Let our hate be confined
To those nursery rhymes