The Higher You Go

The Higher You Go

I guess I know the reason for it
I remember a time before this
I guess your mnind goes where mind doesn’t
Maybe you saw something that wasn’t there
Like a vision in the air
Maybe I was wrong and you were right
Maybe I was darkness and you were light
I guesss the truth doesn’t really matter
'Cause when you say I’m wrong to another you’re wrong
To even say it at all

You broke the rules that you should have known, and
You sowed the seeds that you shouldn’t have sown,
and I know
Somewhere far away
I have to go

You should have known when the words were spoken
It wasn’t only my heart broken
There’s two sides to the teeter-totter
A half a glass won’t hold any water at all
What hurts one hurts us all
Those words burned down our bridges
I see the flames on the end of the matches
That fire burns cities and towns, but
This will burn my soul for a thousand years
Though I drown it in my tears

You’re a good person, that’s what they say
Maybe I can see you that way again
But what I am now
Is not what I’ve been.

It’s not what I’m meant to be
I know that I’m meant to see the good inside you
I don’t know if I thought to try to then
When what you were
Was not what you’d been

Only time will tell me whether
I can put my heart back together at all
'Cause the higher you go
The harder you fall